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January 14, 2011 News

We’re a record label! OMG!

This site is still being worked on because we’re too impatient to wait until it’s completely done to put it all online. It will eventually evolve into something that makes more sense soon.

The pics at the top were taken by Baleout Photos!

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Beatpunks – Me
Diamond Life – TBA


RDR012 - Computer Blue - Game Boy RDR011 - ShearGen1us - Good Times RDR010 - Glasnost - Corridor RDR009 - Controls - We Are Here RDR008 - Crystal Vision - Pickled Beets RDR007 - Chrome Pony - Constantinople RDR006 - Diamond Life - Want Some More RDR005 - Crystal Vision - Mouser EP prostate
Part I” border=0> RDR003 - Crystal Vision & Computer Blue - We Make Hotdogs RDR002 - Kids At The Bar - Your Body On Me RDR001 - Kids At The Bar - So We Can Party

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Crystal Vision just got on the top charts in the Electro House category on today with their track Mouser! #46! #17! 16!! Yeah!

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  1. Blake on January 18, 2011 11:33 am

    I can’t believe City of Elixir didn’t chart higher!

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