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November 15, 2011 Releases

After the success of the first release by Diamond Life on Robot Dance Records comes their newest EP, symptoms Attention! So much house that you’ll never want to leave home! Hitting stores next week! Download Just An Illusion for free today!

Diamond Life – Attention EP by Robot Dance Records


Glasnost – Valis
Beatpunks – Me
Diamond Life – Attention EP


RDR016 - Diamond Life - Attention EP RDR015 - ShearGen1us - Bring The Bass Back EP RDR014 - The Phoenix Bros. - Love & Bass RDR013 - Daniel Rockwell - I Wanna See You RDR012 - Computer Blue - Game Boy RDR011 - ShearGen1us - Good Times RDR010 - Glasnost - Corridor RDR009 - Controls - We Are Here RDR008 - Crystal Vision - Pickled Beets RDR007 - Chrome Pony - Constantinople RDR006 - Diamond Life - Want Some More RDR005 - Crystal Vision - Mouser EP RDR004 - Chrome Pony feat. Crystal Vision - Constantinople, <a href=pharm Part I” border=0> RDR003 - Crystal Vision & Computer Blue - We Make Hotdogs RDR002 - Kids At The Bar - Your Body On Me RDR001 - Kids At The Bar - So We Can Party

New E.P. by Daniel Rockwell featuring the title “You”. This track is a moombahsoul styled ballet that takes you through the roller coaster of emotions that you feel for someone during a relationship. The E.P. also includes supporting remixes by Crystal Vision, diabetes and Pregnancy
and BCR members DJ EQ and Chaz Bizar. This release is available on all the major digital music stores now!

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Daniel Rockwell – You by Robot Dance Records

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